Boost Your Reputation with RepairQ’s Revv Integration

Revv can boost positive online reviews by over 500%

Increasing the number of positive online reviews for your business can be a difficult aspect of ownership but can have a significant impact on new customers. Even businesses with superb customer service and quality of work can struggle to move customers to leave reviews on google or other platforms. BrightLocal found that 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses in 2020, and 73% of consumers said they only paid attention to reviews written in the last month. This demonstrates the enormous potential that bolstering your online reviews can have. With this in mind, along with the difficulty some repair businesses face with garnering reviews, RepairQ added the Revv integration from our partner TracPoint.

Revv is a service designed to help businesses increase positive online reviews and minimize negative ones. Revv works by generating an automated, post-sale survey text message and sending it to customers. When customers respond positively to their experience, they are prompted to leave a review directly on the store’s Google, Facebook or Yelp pages. By encouraging users who had a positive experience to leave reviews, Revv is able to boost positive online reviews by over 500%, while also decreasing negative reviews by up to 70%. This boost can drastically improve your store’s SEO rankings as well as increase foot traffic by establishing credibility.

Revv isn’t only about improving online reviews and reputation, though. It also gives customers the ability to rate their experience with individual employees. By incentivizing employees to provide top tier service, Revv seeks not only to help increase positive customer feedback but also to improve the general experience and service customers receive. These internal improvements help ensure that the boost in reviews is sustainable and that business owners have insight into customer interactions for each employee allowing them to incentivize workers and ensure their customers share the same positive experience regardless of who they interact with during their visit.

If bolstering your reputation and establishing yourself as an electronics repair authority is important to you, visit our website and schedule a demo with one of our industry experts! Find out how RepairQ’s POS software and it’s powerful integrations, including Revv, can provide the tools you need for your repair business to flourish.