Retain Happy Customers With Better Product Repair Visibility Software

Repair service customers deserve a simple experience with transparency and professional interactions. This can be achieved through dynamic repair service software that considers the customer at every level. Integrating the optimal software starts with providing product visibility for the customer’s sake (and for your own operations).

At RepairQ, we provide repair management software that gets to the heart of what the customer needs. Today we’re taking a look at the ways your internal software and customer-facing interfaces can be updated to bring more efficiency into your process while providing a quality customer experience through transparency, accuracy, and personalization.

Status Updates That Are Easy to Access & Understand

First, and perhaps most vital, repair management would be nowhere without teams of dedicated staff and smart software that utilizes digital tools to keep customers informed – whether through an easy-to-use interface or via customer service assistance.

customer-facing iPad capturing a female customer's signature to confirm her purchase

At the very least, your repair service software should provide customers opportunities for status updates. It’s one thing for a customer to be concerned over a new product that they’ve ordered – where it’s located, whether it’s ready for delivery or pickup. But in the repair service industry, there’s another layer involved: they own this product. This entitles them to a certain peace of mind, and quality repair service software is how you can deliver it.

Such status updates can be achieved via website integrations, email communications, or even texting automations.

Foster the Roots = Your CRM

Another vital factor that can influence the repair customer’s experience: an efficient customer relationship management (CRM) system. A good CRM will enable easy—yet secure—access to customer information that your system will need for up-to-date customer contact information and history.

Think of your CRM application as the roots of your customer engagement tree. The roots are where the tree absorbs all its nutrients and water, and the start of your tree’s growth. If you’re not feeding your CRM with adequate information—emails, phone numbers, updated marketing stats, statuses—your customer engagement “tree” will likely suffer, and long-term customer retention will suffer with it.

Speedy Account Look-Up Process

Whether on a call, via email, or on the phone, don’t forget about the demand for the need of a simple account look-up process. Your CRM should complement and support your employee operations as they check in on a repair ticket or update their contact info.

Personalized & Informative Point of Purchase Software

The right software will set up your customers with clear, useful information from the get-go. How so? Well, for example, RepairQ offers a point of purchase interface with dynamic customer relations opportunities. When your point of purchase interface is working for you, it will bring customization, simplicity, and visibility to the customer experience.

customer easily navigating through a Qsite-powered repair shop website while looking at his phone


Imagine you’re bringing a broken tablet into a small-to-midsize repair company to get the repair process started. You may expect a long, drawn-out ticketing process followed by pages and pages of cryptic waivers only to be told to sign on a line without any useful information communicated to you. And you’d be right to expect that. After all, the repair process for electronic products has traditionally been far from simple.

Now imagine you’ve got it all right in front of you as the repair employee processes your information: a professional, branded interface and clear visibility into your repair ticket so you’re not left wondering if your information was submitted correctly. You witness each step and form as it’s explained to you, and you can walk out of the shop with confidence that your device is in good hands.

Multi-Functional Repair Management Software From RepairQ

At RepairQ, we’re a SaaS company with a lot of love to give. Whether your repair service process needs that extra jolt of efficiency, or you simply want to integrate personalized interfaces for customer, our software features a wide range of offerings that can help you reach the next level in the repair service industry.

RepairQ software offerings include:

  • Qpop, a point of purchase portal engineered for engagement and simplicity.
  • Qsite, a web feature that allows for real-time ticket status updates and easy-to-navigate marketing management opportunities
  • CRM, a record of all contacts, quotes, and customers along with their history with your store to help you manage your opportunities

Of course, we can’t put all of RepairQ’s features into one post. Learn more about how we can help you strengthen your repair service workflow.