Release 1.11 Has Arrived

1.11 Has Arrived

Check it out – the next release of 2017 is live! Make sure to check out the walkthrough video and release notes for additional information. Read on for more details about the Business Intelligence Suite, Electronic Signatures and more new features in RepairQ 1.11!

Business Intelligence (Beta)

RepairQ’s Business Intelligence provides visual reporting dashboards covering the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are critical to growing a profitable repair business. This marks the beginning in a series of updates related to business intelligence and advanced analytics. We will add new KPIs and reports over time as well as custom report builder, automater & broadcaster features, giving you the ability to explore and analyze your data in your own way. In an application as data-rich as RepairQ, these tools will undoubtedly help you gain new insights into your business and extract all the value from your data.

*Business Intelligence Viewer features will be provide to all Enterprise licensees in an open beta. Builder & Broadcaster features will be made available to select Enterprise licensees in a closed beta.


Electronic Signatures

In 1.9, e-signatures were introduced for payments on the new PAX credit card swiper. Now, with 1.11, your waivers, work authorization forms, and other forms will have the capability of capturing e-signatures! With 1.11, a new signature custom field type allows you to capture signatures on your ticket forms and save them securely. This is the second of three upgrades in our series of enhancements for e-signature support. 1.12 will support e-signature capture through our new tablet driven point-of-purchase application, Qpop™.

Image & File Uploads

Ticket Custom Forms have received another big upgrade. You now have the ability to store files and images using two new custom field types: an image field and a file upload field. Capture and display images on ticket forms, or upload documents for record keeping purposes.

In this update Image uploads are coming to other areas as well, and you will be able to add your logos to receipts, invoices and emails.

Print Template Branding & Device Search

In the past, you had to work with our support team to add your logos to receipts, invoices, emails, and labels, but now you will have control! With this update you can upload and manage a library of branding images and apply them to your print and email templates as you see fit.

Device search provides a new avenue for locating repair devices and exploring repair device history. Device search features a new listing page similar to the tickets or inventory pages where you can search, filter, and export device lists.

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