RepairQ 1.12 is Here!

RepairQ 1.12 is Here!

Check it out – the next major release of 2017 is here! RepairQ 1.12 includes new features to Business Intelligence as well as major improvements to credit card payment processing…

And of course, the much anticipated Qpop™ point-of-purchase companion app has arrived with 1.12 as well!

Qpop™ (Beta)

Qpop (RepairQ point-of-purchase) is a companion app that works with RepairQ to significantly enhance customer engagement and data collection at your service counter! With Qpop, you have a customer facing tablet to push content of interest and points of interaction for customer review and response.
This initial Beta release includes several powerful customer interactions, including marketing communications, ticket summary of items and prices, electronic signatures for waivers, custom forms, and electronic signatures for integrated credit card processing.
Qpop leverages standard web technologies, so no expensive proprietary hardware is required; simply pickup a tablet running a current version of iOS or Android and go.

While we are launching Qpop Beta with a solid list of interactions, we believe this companion app will inspire new and creative ways to interact with your customers. As we collaborate with our Beta subscribers we hope to enhance the experience and add new interactions over time.

Qpop is now available with Release 1.12 to all subscribers as a Beta feature. After the Beta has ended, the Qpop app will be included at no cost in certain subscription plans or as an a la carte option. New plans & options will be announced soon. Join the Beta, collaborate with other power users, and provide feedback to the RepairQ team.


Business Intelligence – Explorer

Business Intelligence Beta is getting even better with a new way to explore the underlying data in your reports. Each report now has the option to view the underlying data and analyze it from different angles using filters and alternative visualizations. In addition, you are also able to download your report data for use outside of RepairQ. Download your report charts and graphs, or download the underlying data in several consumable formats.

Integrated Payments Processing Upgrades

We are introducing a new interface and payment flow for integrated payments processed with the PAX S300 and PAX S500 EMV payment devices. The new updates are designed with the following goals:

To make payment processing even more user friendly, with screens that walk the user through each step in the process including what to do if anything goes wrong.

To harden the process against networking failures or potential user errors, particularly related to cancelling transactions halfway through.

Along with this upgrade, we are also adding a new ticket auto-saving capability where any time a payment is processed, the ticket is immediately and automatically saved.

Integrated Supplier Purchasing

RepairQ is excited to announce several new Integrated Suppliers are included in RepairQ 1.12!

These new Integrated Suppliers are currently in Private Beta with a select group of RepairQ users today. We hope to announce the first of several in the coming weeks so watch your inbox and follow us on Facebook.

Purchasing from an Integrated Supplier takes inventory management to a new level. With the newest Integrated Supplier purchasing features, you’ll be able to check stock availability and pricing right from your RepairQ purchase order. In addition, Integrated Supplier purchase orders will automatically report shipping costs, order status updates, shipment tracking information, and more!

Integrated Supplier purchasing is made available to all RepairQ subscribers that have a registered account with an Integrated Supplier vendor.

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