Cloud Service Management Solution to Unify Global Service Networks

Cloud-Based Service Management SolutionsAlready a standard-setting leader in 110+ countries throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific, ServiceCentral has perfected a single-platform service management solution that allows clients to leverage global reach within one web-based hub.

ServiceCentral understands that business operations, 3rd party vendor interaction, and regulatory compliance for a company’s product service return and repair operations can vary wildly across geographic locations. Until now companies with a global footprint and distributed service networks – particularly those with multiple remote suppliers scattered across multiple countries – have faced significant operational challenges standardizing across these business layers.

A Flexible Cloud-based Platform

ServiceCentral’s unified, cloud-based Service Management Software platform offers businesses facing the challenges of global operations and diversified service networks to standardize across the board with a highly customizable software solution. Our cloud-based single platform solution is flexible enough to meet localized criteria while supporting a company’s standard business rules, data requirements, and back-end interfaces. The solution supports multiple languages, currencies and workflows required by each region and country.

Companies with a global footprint require a seamless means of interfacing or integrating with their service networks throughout their organization to provide consistent service management data, manage consigned inventory, and receive reimbursement for in-warranty services. Our cloud-based service management platform is scalable to support the IT infrastructure needs of any size company while dynamically managing global service providers with a standard interface.

A Service Management Platform that Increases Efficiency, Transparency

Our cloud based service management platform not only increases efficiencies, it also magnifies transparency, providing visibility for senior management at both micro and macro levels. Additionally, our global network solution supports a variety of operating systems and browsers as well as common integration methods to both internal and external systems.

ServiceCentral’s unifying platform helps increase back-of-house efficiencies, and also enhances the front-end consumer experience by providing service consistency; business rule processing enforcement; and a means to monitor consumer transactions.

On the back-end, our global platform offers disconnected service partners a powerful means of capturing and communicating service, repair and warranty events to manufacturers and distributors. Additional benefits include:

  • Ability to add and manage an unlimited number of languages.
  • Compatibility with multiple currencies.
  • Multi-currency functionality allows for efficient and proper warranty labor reimbursement.
  • Multiple delivery and licensing options.
  • Ability to build each work order screen to display only content pertinent to the workflow, user role, and applicable business need.
  • Business Expertise for Complex After-Market Solutions

Complimenting ServiceCentral’s highly efficient technology platform is our team of experienced business consultants that help companies design, build, implement and integrate After-Market Solutions. Our team of industry veterans provides up-front guidance on business processes, workflows and rules, and as well as supports on-going managed services for process improvement, business analytics and supplier compliance.