ServiceCentral Responds to the Post-Sales Product Service and Repair Needs of International Businesses with a Multilingual Capable Service Management Software Suite

ServiceCentral strengthens their Service Management Software with the ability to function in multiple languages and utilize multiple currencies within the same client installation. This feature is a key competitive differentiation for international businesses as they look to globalize post-sales service management of products and convert the service chain from cost center to profit stream. 

August 8, 2009 — Today ServiceCentral Technologies announces they have responded to the needs of international businesses with a Service Management Software Suite that can support multilingual user interfaces and multi-currency usage within a client implementation on the same web-based platform. The ability for day to day users to utilize a service and repair tracking software application in their language of choice and for business owners to manage the application in their native language eases huge pains for global companies with regard to multilingual operations and application usability. ServiceCentral’s Service Management Software supports all international languages including Asia/Pacific and Middle Eastern double-byte character sets.

According to Darrell Morales, Vice President at ServiceCentral, “A large portion of our clients and prospects currently have international operations or are considering intercontinental expansion. This market factor has driven us to build service management software that facilitates global growth by enabling economically favorable operations in lower cost labor markets.” Morales adds, “We are very pleased that our solution has been validated through a recent engagement with an international technology manufacturer that requires European, Chinese, Russian and Arabic character sets and currencies.”

ServiceCentral has made great strides in recent years to develop a flexible, user configurable Service Management Software Suite that enables business management to quickly act on the dynamic nature of operations, implementing system changes utilizing administration tools rather than costly software code modifications. This new multilingual and multicurrency capability further enhances the software’s adaptability to ever-changing business requirements and supports ServiceCentral’s global product vision to serve any industry needing internationally streamlined workflows and management of equipment service, warranty, returns and repair tracking.