ServiceCentral & RepairQ Partner to Bring Expanded Repair & Warranty Service Options to Local Retail

Tulsa, OK (PRWeb) September 06, 2016

ServiceCentral and RepairQ announced today a partnership and integration of services that will greatly expand the electronic repair service network.

ServiceCentral is the leading software provider for managing enterprise service operations for OEMs, carriers, and large repair/refurbishment depots. RepairQ is the leading software provider for retail repair service management. Together, they will offer end-to-end service network solutions for enterprises managing post-sales service operations.

This new alliance will bring an expanded network and combined resources to OEMs, carriers and other enterprises that wish to leverage the broad reach of retail ‘brick-and-mortar’ storefronts to extended warranty fulfillment directly to consumers.

“We have long envisioned connecting the growing retail repair industry to enterprise networks needing to improve their service to consumers,” RepairQ CEO James Schellhorn said. “We believe the retail channel holds a huge advantage based on proximity and personal service to streamline warranty fulfillment and are excited to innovate a solution that brings the greater industry closer to the consumer.”

“With the combined knowledge and solutions of RepairQ and ServiceCentral,” Steve Teel, President and CEO of ServiceCentral continues, “we can offer a warranty support network to OEMs, carriers, and organizations that need more localized fulfillment, helping them connect with their consumers by proximity with a faster, more efficient warranty service, while retaining accountability.”

Over the coming year, RepairQ and ServiceCentral plan to announce a series of software innovations and combined services that will draw the greater post-sales electronic service industry closer together.

For more information regarding the service plans of the new partnership or to explore the potential of connecting post-sale service to local retail, interested parties are encouraged to contact ServiceCentral at partnersolutions(at)servicecentral(dot)com or RepairQ at partnersolutions(at)repairq(dot)io.

About ServiceCentral

ServiceCentral Technologies, Inc. provides Enterprise Service Management solutions that dramatically increase operational efficiencies and visibility while positively improving the customer experiences. Established in 1992, ServiceCentral streamlines and automates repair, RMA, warranty, and other critical reverse logistics processes with proven and configurable workflows and systems. Enterprise clients of all sizes – mid-tier through Fortune 100 – supporting high availability products and systems rely on ServiceCentral to optimize their service operations and improve customer loyalty and profitability.

About RepairQ

RepairQ is a SAAS product, developed by BrickWire LLC, that is used by retail networks domestically and internationally to manage retail sales and repair service operations. Since 2003, BrickWire has provided web applications consulting & development services & solutions in a number of industries and verticals. In 2011, BrickWire launched the retail repair industry’s first comprehensive business management software, RepairQ. Today RepairQ offers a software suite uniquely built to manage the daily operations of a growing network of store fronts. For more information on RepairQ, please contact sales(at)repairQ(dot)io or 877-230-6317.

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