Repair Depot Management with ServiceCentral (Infographic)

Software Solutions for Repair Service Businesses

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Service Repair Order Tracking Process

ServiceCentral’s Repair Order Tracking Process Overview

  1. ServiceCentral’s software platform tracks and manages the the flow of product through the entire return and repair process, from RMA, initial receipt and triage, to repair, QA and shipment.
  2. Powerful administration tools enable your business to configure unlimited service, RMA and repair workflows. Tailor the platform to match your specific repair depot and customer needs.
  3. The flexible platform enables seamless 3rd party vendors integrations and supports global operations with multi-lingual capability. Premier hosting facilities ensure 24/7/365 operational reliability.

Complete control over the criteria that drives your business with ServiceCentral Software

Base your platform configurations by:

  • Business Model
  • Manufacturer & Product
  • Service Request
  • Client Requirements
  • Warranty & Entitlement

Workflows are configured based on specific criteria and rules defined by your business, then the specific path each product ultimately takes is based on the data collected within each step of the workflow.

A Typical Workflow Model for Service Repair Businesses


  1. A shipment is received
  2. Items are scanned
  3. Word order is created
  4. Manifest is validated


Initial product analysis and diagnostics. 3rd review of available device supports history, applicable complaints, service plans, and/or warranty entitlements. Automated third party integrations to push or pull information, validate data, and ultimately determine workflow are common in this step.


  • Repair – Product is repaired, parts consumed and tracked via Inventory Manager
  • Refurbish – Repair product and wipe data back to original state for resale
  • Recycle – Break apart product and salvage parts for reuse or recycle


Quality Assurance steps ensure that the product has been properly repaired or refurbished. If the product doesn’t pass the Quality Assurance step, it funnels back into the Repair Step.


Ship repaired product for return or refurbished products to resell. Products are scanned and added to a shipping manifest. Work Order Status is updated. Data updates are communicated with 3rd party apps.

ServiceCentral’s Value-Add Software Features


ServiceCentral’s WarrantyManager™ is integrated within the workflows to include as many warranty rules and entitlement validations as needed throughout the process to ensure the correct amount of service is performed and the proper payment is calculated.


Use InventoryManager™ to track and manage part, equipment, loaner and exchange stock throughout the workflow, from initial order and receipt to transfers and adjustments.


ServiceIntelligence™ provides real-time data driven operational dashboards and custom reporting capabilities give your business a comprehensive view of operations, enabling managers to respond proactively and make better decisions. Design, user-customizable reports as business dictates.